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BeOS had all sorts of useful APIs. We need to go back

Here's an old article (german language) from 2013 where I write about me building a DIY tape interface for the Sharp Pocket PC 14xx and 12xx series. This was the time when I started to tinker with electronics. (Article Link:

The schematic (courtesy of M. Nosswitz) can still be found at the Pocket Computer Museum (, but I add it here for the sake of completeness.

#pocket #pc #sharp #tape #interface #CE124 #pocketpc #1401 #sharp1401

Ich mach' heute Vintage-Computing-Abend. Und die vier Stunden gehen längst nicht nur über den PC: der WDR hat im Archiv gekramt, und thematisch sortiert Fernsehbeiträge von den 1960ern bis ca. 2010 zusammen gestellt. Enjoy: #vintagecomputing

Ein etwa A5 großes Elektronikkästchen in Berlin-Reinickendorf mag nicht versandt sondern nur abgeholt werden. Wer in mag helfen gegen Kostenerstattung?

8 Bit processors can count to 18 Quintillion just fine. "Wheat and chessboard problem" in 6502/10 Assembly for my "learn something every day" task. #commodore

Neuzugang in der Sammlung: Ein kompletter Arbeitsplatz mit #atari 512ST+, Drucker Monitor und Software 😃

NetBSD 10 wird kein Token Ring, kein FDDI und kein HIPPI mehr unterstützen. Aber auch kein DEC 21040, 21140, 21141, 21142, 21143 Ethernet mehr!

After much searching online, I found an old email thread with the solution to my Tru64 partition problem. Had to make it recreate all the dev entries.

And this is why Solaris does this automatically after an install is complete and there’s a OpenBoot flag to make it do that (-r I think)


Magnavox Odyssey ads are still some of the coolest I've seen for how FUTURE! they are from a '70s perspective and how prog rock they are. The Odyssey 2 wasn't a slouch in sales either, shifting 2 million units. Also known as the Videopac in Europe.


“Back in the 90s, Apple had their own quarterly developer magazine called “d e v e l o p”, and you can read PDFs of it here:“

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