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I'm looking for #games developer studios which offer #linux support, internally use #foss software (e.g. Godot, Vulkan, ...) and use #green energy for their office and their servers? Any known good companies known for #sustainability in multiple dimensions which still exist in #2021 ?
In short: Is there something like #Fairphone of #gaming?

Hallo Zusammen,

I created a website to organize Bushcraft, Camping and Hiking in and around Freiburg.

If that's your thing, join!

Das Open Air war kürzlich großartig, gelistet nach Hedvig, einer Thrashmetal-Band aus Freiburg

Ein Mastodon-Server für Freiburg und Umland betrieben durch den Verein e.V.
Zur Übersicht von geht es hier: