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To the politicians who appeased the Islamic Republic for decades, it is time for you to realize what you have done has brought nothing to Iranians except more bloodshed in the streets. This regime is not reformable. Support the people of Iran now...

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Interested in ?

Registration is now open for the 6th edition of the GM course with @CarmeloFruciano@twitter.com, in which you will learn how to acquire data ->analyse ->visualise->interpret GM results‼️


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An die Bullshitter und Wissenschaftsleugner, man sollte nur noch so mit Euch reden.

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Today's `r2u` example: installing `imputeTS` in one step, ten seconds (!!) for fifty-ish total packages, and without any BLAS/LAPACK hickups as the @StackOverflow@twitter.com question below experienced. Still rocks hard😀

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Is anyone else starstruck?! 🌌

@NASAWebb@twitter.com's first images have been released! Which one is your favorite?
View all five images HERE>> go.nasa.gov/3Rtx9D3

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