Grüß Gott! Zum 4. Geburtstag der #DSGVO betritt der Bayerische Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz (BayLfD) das Fediverse. Bayerische öffentliche Stellen und andere Interessierte erfahren nun auch dort das Neueste über den Bayerischen Weg im Datenschutz. Meistens auf Hochdeutsch, manchmal außerdem in Englisch.

Schwimmender Solarpark auf Halterner Silbersee eröffnet

Sie sieht aus wie ein riesiges Floß: die größte schwimmende Photovoltaik-Anlage Deutschlands. Die wurde am Dienstag auf dem Silbersee III in Haltern in Betrieb genommen.

Well I'll be, here's displaylink working on the PocoPhone F1 with mainline and @MobianLinux! As I understand it, the displaylink userspace components are proprietary and only have 32-bit versions for ARM, so it'll be tricky to integrate into @postmarketOS

⚠️ Security Alert: ⚠️

Tor Browser versions older than 11.0.13 include the two critical JavaScript security vulnerabilities described in the advisory below.

Make sure you apply available browser updates.

Wrote a little shell script to help me remember to contact people who I don't see all the time.
Shell scripting is still pretty new for me, so I'm proud of figuring out a reasonably functional solution to a problem I have been dealing with for ages!
(now I just need to get auto-running it when I log in working lol)

I mean seriously, what's our countdown clock on years until extremely angry actual fascists succeed in getting 100% control of the Amazon and Microsoft corporate networks, either via the boardroom or via the US Presidency?


And then what, they're just going to sit there and not weaponise the information equivalent of a nuclear weapon? They're going to just go "man we could really get our Dark MAGA pogrom on, but, gentlemen don't read each other's hypervisors"

We really think that?

Huge improvements on's federation performance since we switched over to pyston on May 20th :D

While #DeutscheBank celebrated itself at its annual general meeting, we drew attention to the bank's true deeds. Directly in front of the headquarters in #Frankfurt: Our official action video.
#Greenwashing kills!

#dbagm #dbHV #GreenwashingKills #StopEACOP #PositiverEinsatz #

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, es geht um eure #Privatsphäre! Nehmt euch kurz Zeit und unterschreibt die Petition gegen die #Chatkontrolle. 🖋

@raichoo and I am looking for the day that ML means MetaLanguage again.

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