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You are using @3DSlicerApp@twitter.com for your segmentations, and you want to share your results with the world, then here are instructions:

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To the politicians who appeased the Islamic Republic for decades, it is time for you to realize what you have done has brought nothing to Iranians except more bloodshed in the streets. This regime is not reformable. Support the people of Iran now...

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Interested in ?

Registration is now open for the 6th edition of the GM course with @CarmeloFruciano@twitter.com, in which you will learn how to acquire data ->analyse ->visualise->interpret GM results‼️


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An die Bullshitter und Wissenschaftsleugner, man sollte nur noch so mit Euch reden.

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Have you ever wanted to transfer a large data set between R and Python without making wasteful copies of the data? If so, oh my do I have a blog post of good news for you!

(Yes of course this is an Apache Arrow post! It's also a reticulate post)


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Join us for @SlicerMorph@twitter.com online office hours the 4th Tuesday of each month, 11am PT.

On 9/27 I'll be giving an overview of the exciting new features now available in @3DSlicerApp@twitter.com v5.0.3 (download.slicer.org). A great time to update your app if you haven't in a while!

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Excited to share a brand new preprint from @SlicerMorph@twitter.com! We introduce MEMOS, a @3DSlicer@twitter.com module for fetal mouse segmentation powered by deep learning. Check the out the details here: biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

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Peak academia is when you cannot access the published version of an article you wrote for free by any means possible.

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Today's `r2u` example: installing `imputeTS` in one step, ten seconds (!!) for fifty-ish total packages, and without any BLAS/LAPACK hickups as the @StackOverflow@twitter.com question below experienced. Still rocks hard😀

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Is anyone else starstruck?! 🌌

@NASAWebb@twitter.com's first images have been released! Which one is your favorite?
View all five images HERE>> go.nasa.gov/3Rtx9D3

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